MySweeper instructions.

Clear the grid without setting any bombs off. That's it.

  • Try for the fastest time.
  • To clear a square click your left mouse button on it.
  • If you hit a mine you're dead, if not you will see a number telling you how many mines are in the adjacent squares.
  • If you know where a mine is, you can flag that square to remind yourself. (see below to find out how to do this...)
  • If you have flagged all the mines surrounding a numbered square, 'Special Click' this square to reveal all the adjacent squares. (again see below to find out how to do this...)

MySweeper behaves slightly differently depending on your browser.

  • I've tried to avoid this but to produce anything remotely playable it's unavoidable.
  • MySweeper uses JavaScript 1.2 and therefore only works in NC4+ and IE4+.
  • Netscape Communicator
    • Press left mouse to clear a square.
    • Press right mouse to flag a square.
    • Press right and left mouse buttons to 'Special Click'.
  • Internet Explorer
    • Press left mouse to clear a square.
    • Press control and left mouse to flag a square.
    • Press shift and left mouse to 'Special Click'.
  • In Netscape, the grid updates quickly so you can see the grid clearing.
  • In IE, the grid updates all at once so you can't tell you've done anything for a few seconds. It can seem very slow.
  • MySweeper plays much better in Netscape Communicator in my opinion.


  • MySweeper uses a non-recursive stack based algorithm to clear the squares.
  • JavaScript (or implementations of JavaScript) seem not to like nested function calls >999 deep, and a recursive algorithm to clear squares is likely to need more than this for a grid with 1000 or more squares. (grids of up to 100x100 have been tested with the current algorithm and work OK)
  • The current algorithm is considerably faster than my original 8-way recursive flood fill anyway, so it was worth the effort :)
  • I experimented with preloading the grid images but found this to be an overhead rather than a optimisation. The timer/mines-left images are preloaded, but that's all.
  • The page layout is meant to be simple and clean. And I *know* the circles look awful - but it's the game that counts!
  • You can have any set of (equal size) images you like but I'm not exactly the worlds best artist so you're going to have to put up with these I'm afraid. Image donations are more than welcome...
  • I've tested it in NC4.04, NC4.5, IE4 and IE5 and it's fine in each of these. I've not tested all minor versions however - so if you get any JavaScript errors mail me. Also any comments are most welcome - mail them to:
  • Enjoy!